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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pelita Indah

Cahaya terang di langit biru,
Mata mengecil memandang ke arahnya,
Sambil mengunyah rezeki pagi,
Sambil di jamu wajah-wajah pagi seri,
Aku terduduk di sudut sana.


Setiap kunyahan di dendang suara-suara lunak,
Ada yang semangat bercerita,
Bersama teman-teman,
Bersama saudara keluarga,
Dan ada juga sendiri seperti aku.


Tergelak kecil di sudutku,
Telatah dan senyuman pagi,
Masa berlalu, berlalu pantas,
Satu per satu ke destinasi mereka.


Sendiriku di kedai makan Pelita,
Dingin di pagi yang Indah.

(9.35am 28/12/2011)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Limp Bizkit - Faith

Kalau tengok lirik ni,
mesti ingat ayat-ayat jiwang yang tengah marah kan..
meh tengok layan lagu dia baru tau..
rockers pon jiwang jugak ok..
Head banging satu!!

Btw, need songs like this please!

Limp Bizkit - Faith

Well I guess it would be nice,
If I could touch your body,
I know not everybody,
Has gotta body like me.

But I gotta think twice,
Before I give my heart away,
And I know all the games you play,
'cause I play them too.

Oh, but I need some time off,
From that emotion,
Time to pick my heart up off the floor,
When that love come down,
Without devotion,
Well it takes a strong man baby,
But I'm showin' you that door.

Well I gotta have faith
Gotta have faith - repeat x3

Baby, I know you're askin' me to stay,
Say please, please, please don't go away,
Cuz you're givin' me the blues,
Baby, you might mean all the words you say,
Can't help but think of yesterday,
And another who tied me down to lover-boy blues.

Before this river becomes an ocean,
Before you pick my heart up off the floor,
When our loves come down,
Without devotion,
Well it takes a strong man baby,
But I'm, uh, showing you that door.

Well I gotta have faith
Gotta have faith - repeat x3

Get the fuck up!

I gotta have faith - repeat x4
Faith - repeat x2

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dingin Malam

Kedengaran setiap titisan jatuh ke bumi,
Makin deras rintihannya,
Membuai setiap umat lena dek mimpi,
Kedinginan pula menyelubungi kamar,
Pejamkan mata fikiran tenang,
Nyenyak tidur sana,
Mimpi indah.

Selamat Malam.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

You say

You say that you love rain,
but you open your umbrella when it rains..
You said that you love the sun,
but you find a shadow spot when the sun shines..
You say that you love the wind,
but you close your windows when the wind blows..
This is why I am afraid, you say that you love me too

-William Shakespear-

Friday, August 5, 2011

Mekar Cantik

Aku mahu kau mekar,
Mekar menggapai cahaya matahari,
Aku mahu kau membesar,
Besar dan cantik lebih dari yang lain,
Supaya aku bisa memetiknya,
Suatu hari nanti.

Love Life

Just spread the love
Love humans, animals and environments
Coz' love is part of our life

Monday, June 13, 2011

Kucar Kacir

Diberi harapan memuncak ke langit pelangi
Sekelip mata jatuh menghempap bumi
Bangun merangkak berdiri
Hidup tersimpul mati

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I'm just a phase that you will never ever have to face.........again..!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The White Daisy

I'm sorry, please forgive me,

an idiot who screws up and he's far,

i regret, believe me,

so please give me a chance to heal that bleeding scar..


Your existence beyond heaven,

the best thing that ever happen,

we were happy in together life,

and planning to make u happy for the rest of my life.


i will embrace the painful scar with patience once again,

i will take the shivers away and spread all over my scent on u again and again,

we will make more chills and goosebumps again,

please forgive me and i promise u, it wont happen again.

A lullaby that never stops,


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Anugerah Juara Lagu ke-25

Kepada pembaca di luar sana, pertama kali aku nak mintak maaf lama tak update blog ni.. *konon2 byk peminat* So post aku kali ni mengenai AJL 25 yang berlangsung 9 Januari lalu.. Ye ye..aku tau dah 3minggu yang lepas, skg baru nak tulis post pasal AJL ni.. Sebenarnya taktau la nak tulis apa jadi, semoga anda semua terhibur dgn gamba2 aku upload ni ye..

** Berlangsung pada 9 Januari 2011 di Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil
dan bermula pada pukul 9mlm.

**Juara AJL 25 - Ana Raffali dgn lagunya 'Tolong Ingatkan Aku'..
err.. no comment.. tahniah anyways..

** Naib Juara AJL 25 - Meet Uncle Hussain & Black yang membawa lagu 'Drama King'
*applause applause*

** Hafiz AF7 memenangi tempat ketiga dan juga vokal terbaik
pada malam tersebut dgn lagunya 'Noktah Cinta'

** Faizal Tahir pula memenangi persembahan terbaik dgn lagunya 'Hanyut'.
Gambar ni masa dia nyanyi lagu 'Selamat Malam'.
Time dia nyanyi lagu 'Hanyut', aku pegi toilet..
So, takde la gamba persembahan dia..hohoho...maaf...!!

** Pembukaan AJL 25 ini dimulakan oleh Francesca Peters, Nash dan
M.Nasir selaku ketua juri pada malam itu.

** Seterusnya adalah gamba2 finalist-finalist pada malam itu.. tahniah juga buat semua..

** Dan persembahan penutup oleh Datuk Sharifah Aini,
Ziana Zain dan Dato' Siti Nurhaliza..

Oh ya, mintak maaf kalau gamba ada yang blur dan agak pecah2.. aku berada lebih kurang 100m dari stage sewaktu live..huhu.. nasib lens yg aku guna smp jugak.. anyway, untuk lihat gamba2 selebihnya, klik sini.. terima kasih..


Saturday, January 29, 2011



haven't been updated this blog for awhile..

coming soon ok..

need to finish some stuff first..

take care and have a nice day..


Friday, January 7, 2011

Maroon 5 live in KL!!

Why Pork is haram; answer from a medical point of view.


Assalamu Alaikum

I am Azra Ansari,Alhumdulilah belonging to an educated muslim family.

This question I am Asking for My Friend who asked this question to me

He is a Non Muslim, belonging to Hindu family,does not believe in idol worship,

He takes Non veg.

The Question is "Why Pork is haram in Islam"

I explained him that thier are variuos disease caused by Pork

he says if disease is the only reason, then mutton beaf,chicken also causes diseases why thos are not haram

and if you take pork once or twice a month that will not cause any harm.

I told him that it the commandment of Allah Suhanahu taala given to us to avoid that

but he says produce me the medical proof , he doesnt want any spiritual reason,

Could you please help me, in this situation .he is my Colleague

I am A software Engineer by profession


Allah Hafiz


Dr. E. Kazim. M.D. in his article "Medical aspects of forbidden foods in Islam" (July 1981 issue of Muslim Journal has described diseases carried or caused by the flesh of the swine.

He writes:

The pig is a scavenger. It is an omnivorous animal. It eats everything. There are many diseases carried from swine to man, particularly parasite infestations. Lately extensive research has been focused on senility-old age is characterized by hardening of inner lining of the blood vessels of the heart, brain etc. a process called atheroselerosis. When a clot forms, it results in coronary thrombosis or a heart attack, cerebral thrombosis or stroke.

Different dietary factors are responsible for atheroselerosis. Gross atheroma may be produced in rabbit by feeding it with cholesterol, but when you add lard (derived from hog fat) to the cholesterol, the incidence of atheroma is increased and thus you would produce coronary thrombosis, and myocardial infraction.

Besides, lard contains 2800 units of vitamin D per 100 grams and no vitamin A at all. Lately vitamin D has been held responsible for atheroma, by causing increased absorption of calcium in the blood vessels. In human beings, serum cholesterol is not dependent on the intake of cholesterol in the diet, but depends upon the proportion of animal fats in the diet, which elevates the beta-lipo protein level in the blood. Animal fats contain saturated fatty acids and these saturated fatty acids have been found to be as one of the causes of atheroma in man. Medium fat bacon contains 25% proteins and 55% fat.

According to medical research, the fat content in pork is more than any other meat (beef, mutton etc.) and it takes longer to digest. Dr. M Jaffer in an article in the Islamic Review (London) of January 1997 issue has listed 16 kinds of harmful germs, which have been discovered in pork in modern researches and the diseases, which could be caused by them. The number of patients suffering from tapeworm disease is the highest in the world among pork eating nations. Other diseases attributed to pigs are caused by tri-chinelia spirates and intestinal worms occupy first place among such nations too.

Dr. Glen Shepherd wrote the following on the dangers of eating pork in Washington Post (31 May 1952).

"One in six people in USA and Canada have germs in their muscles - trichinosis 8 from eating pork infected with trichina worms. Many people who are infected shows no symptoms. Most of those, who do have, recover slowly. Some die; some are reduced to permanent invalids. All were careless pork caters".

He continued "No one is immune from the disease and there is no cure. Neither antibiotics nor drugs or vaccines affect these tiny deadly worms. Preventing infection is the real answer."

After reading the statement of Dr. Shepherd, one can realize that there is no real guarantee of safety when eating pork that one would not be affected by trichina worm. That is why modern doctors advise three prohibitions during illness: no liquor, no pork and no smoking.

Jews also prohibit pork.

Many things acquire bacteria by poor handling and some thing are by nature impure and bacteria prone- like scavengers.

**taken from**