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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Si Dungu

Apabila kau telah mengasingkan diri kau dengan emosi durjana dengan meletakkannya disuatu sudut.

Apabila kau telah kembalikan elemen logika di dalam benak fikiran sempitmu.

Barulah kau membuka langkahmu, membuka kuda-kudamu dan hadapilah aku.

Jika belum, kembalilah ke penjurumu sendiri wahai si dungu!

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Why should I stay if I don't belong anymore,

Why should I stay if I don't needed anymore,

Why should I stay if appreciation doesn't exist anymore,

Why should I stay,

or perhaps I'm done staying!

Friday, January 25, 2013

How I Wish You Know

Here I am,
Writing every words,
On a piece of paper,
Wishing you could know,
And feel how i feel.

Every heartbeats,
Keeps screaming out your name,
Every memories,
Keeps playing in my head,
Every dreams in my sleeps,
You appear and vanish in my awake.

Does happily ever after do exists,
If I'm with you I do believe
Oh how I wish you know.

** some words i wrote early last year when i thought a daisy could hear.

Year 2013

Its been awhile.
Its been almost a year.

Ohh my...

I hope its not too late to wish
Happy New Year 2013

This is something I wrote early this month

P/s: i miss writing :-(