Monday, January 16, 2012

The Difference

The difference between

alone but not lonely


not alone but lonely.

I dont mind being alone but not lonely at all.

but it is painful when I'm not alone, I have people around me but...

I felt very lonely.

I dunno people around me I should call friends, or just people, who dont even care.

Sorry for the emotional post.

sometimes, people who i didnt expect is the people who really cherish friendship.

I dont know who is my friends anymore.

I miss my friends, real friends.


Fieyadyna Nurdin said...

alone but not lonely = syok sendiri. budget lonely wolf...

not alone but lonely = x pyh nak emo2 sgt laaa..

alone and lonely = pathetic gila..

hahahhaa.. ;p ;) =.=

ZooL.Ahmad said...

bengong!! tak paham yg tersirat..

rosak mood..hehehe

Amanina Subri said...

stresss ke ni smpai mcm ni memang gelap gelita baik boleh lagi tengok tulisan

ZooL.Ahmad said...

hehehe... dah nama pon kamar gelap :)