Monday, April 26, 2010

Sane Subjects

atlast, after so many attempts to upload this video, i succeded..muahahaha....
anywho, its been awhile i din update this blog..
i bet there are bunch of viewers waiting patiently for me to update yah..
actually, to many stories i wanted to write but since i need to study for my exams, i think i just wanna highlight only my 2 latest activities...

first, i've been start working part-time in starbux gurney tower..
so frens out there, jemput jemput la datang..hehehe..
yah i noe, people busy with study, i'm busy working.
its ok tho.. i guess i have to practise time management from now on..
so far i'm enjoying working there..all the staffs are very nice :)
thx to diana, adam n jay, the only frens who come to visit me..hehehehe

secondly, last saturday 24/04/2010 is Penang World Dance Day in USM, Penang..
my frens n i did a piece called Sane Subjects or Ugly Deadly Sins (the organizer name us)..
thx to all my frens who came that i had invited.... hold on, they neva came..hmm....
anywho, after weeks of training, injury, happy n sad moments, i present to u, the Sane Subjects..
enjoy the video (below)..

tc~ :)

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