Friday, November 27, 2009

Broken Angel

An angel fell down to the earth,
From the heaven above the sky,
With the broken wings and broken heart,
She’s lost nowhere to go.

Until a human came,
Plain and unwanted,
Seeing the broken angel,
Trying to save and heal her with his love.

She never speak,
She never tries,
She did not change,
But she feels safe and loved.

Love is a very powerful word,
And unexplainable,
It can be pain as hell,
Or it can be warm till the end.

With the touch of his hands,
With the touch of his heart,
Hopefully she will heal,
Her wings and her heart.

She flew away happily,
To the heaven with the rest of the angels,
Leaving the human,
Left unwanted..again!

One day she came back,
This time as a beautiful white angel,
They kiss they hug,
They are together now,
Their love become stronger,
And she never came back to the heaven..forever

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